15 y/o Jay Huber Attacked By Cops for Skateboarding

A simple “You can’t skate here” would have been enough but Tampa Police Officer Erik Turner decided throwing 15 year old skateboarder Jay Huber to the ground before talking to him was necessary…..we don’t. Please give Tampa Police Departments Professional Standards Bureau a call and let them know how you Continue Reading

Shortys – Fulfill The Dream

Shortys Fulfill The Dream http://youtu.be/yAtuO6iebco?t=24m43s One of the greatest soundtracks to a skate video EVER. Here’s the playlist: Shorys FulFill The Dream skateboarding video intro #1 – Bugs – Colors and Squares intro #2 – Mixmaster Mike – Terrorwrist Steve Olson #1 – Gang Starr – Above the Clouds Steve Continue Reading