LEGENDARY Hip-Hop DJ, Doctor Dre of Yo MTV Raps fame on DJ Vlad Part 1

In this clip, Doctor Dre recounted to Sean Prez his upbringing in New York City during the ’60s and ’70s. Doctor Dre talked about growing up in every borough due to having family dispersed across the city. And spoke about the impact his father had on him. He detailed what it was like losing his father at 17 and revealed their last conversation while his dad laid in his hospital bed. While Doctor Dre was DJing parties and Nassau Community College’s radio station, he was still focused on school and received full scholarship offers from Cornell University and NYU. However, he chose to follow a woman he was dating to Adelphi University. While attending Adelphi, Doctor Dre enrolled in a class called the History of Black Music where he met Chuck D, for Def Jam President Bill Stephney, and Hip Hop journalist Harry Allen.

And for those that didn’t know, Doctor Dre and T-Money made up Original Concept. Some of the illest beats came from this very group and have been sampled over and over. Enjoy.

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