Doctor Dre Calls Rick Rubin “The Great Thief”, Saw Run DMC vs LL Cool J Fight (Part 2)

In this clip, Doctor Dre opened up about starting Concept Crew, later known as Original Concept, and later getting a show on WBAU radio in the early 80s. It was there that Dre met Chuck D and Flavor Flav, and it was through their conversations at the radio that the concept for Public Enemy was made. Doctor Dre went on to speak about meeting Eddie Murphy, who would come to his WBAU parties, and being introduced to Rick Rubin. During the conversation, Doctor Dre speaking about Original Concept signing to Def Jam, and he added that he never saw any royalties from the six albums released on the label. He also spoke about going on tour with the Beastie Boys and experiencing racism during a show in Boston. After speaking about leaving in the middle of the “Raising Hell” tour, Doctor Dre denied that Rick Rubin came up with the concept for Run DMC’s “Walk This Way,” and he called Rick the “great theif.”

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