Feel The Wrath – Episode Three featuring Kalmex from Plutocracy / No Le$$

Welcome to Feel The Wrath. This is Episode Two where I talk with my LONG TIME homeboy Kalmex AKA Thomas Perez. He and Stinkweed were they dynamic duo of guitarist of PLUTOCRACY. He then jumped on drums for the band No Le$$ and Kalmex and the Riffmerchants and the rest is HISTORY.

He talks about growing up in Redwood City with his brothers Pelon and Snowman, his evoluiton of guitar playing, him learning to play the drums, and tells a bunch of Stinkweed stories.

Kalmex also pulls out the guitar and plays some request guitar riffs which is the highlight of this video. And then mentions his Top 5 Albums of all time.

I want to thank Kalmex for traveling over the hill to Santa Cruz to Snowman’s place to be able to play his guitar on this podcast. And to take the time to talk with me. Its always a pleasure having conversations with him. Every time we talk we can go for hours.

Sit back, crack one and enjoy this episode. There are many more lined up. So hit the like button and SUBSCRIBE.

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