Feel The Wrath – Episode Two with Zak Mathews AKA Zak1 by KDP – 2021

Welcome to Feel The Wrath. This is Episode Two where I talk with my LONG TIME Old School Neighborhood homie Zak1. He and his brother Gino grew up right around the corner from me on the West Side of Redwood City. A John Gill Elementary alum. He has been a Hip-Hop MC for over 20+ years and has done tracks with the likes of Mac Dre, Spice 1 and French Montana.

We talk about our memories of skateboarding, graffiti, b-boying and of course Hip-Hop music. He also talks about his evolution of becoming an MC and writing rhymes. He also speaks on his relationship with Church and God and how it changed his life for the better. And of course delivers his Top 5 Albums of all time.

You can listen and purchase his latest album – Zak1 and V-boy – Parallel Universe on following links: https://music.apple.com/ph/album/parallel-universe/1558332631


It was a pleasure talking with Zak. Bringing up all these memories and being able to share this history with so many makes Feel the Wrath so special to me. Sit back and enjoy the video. I have a whole list of people that have agreed to be on this so SUBSCRIBE to this channel PLEASE to keep updated every time I post a new episode.

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