36 Crazy Fists 22 – July 2021 – Special Edition

Written by Dan Lactose AKA DJ Eons

Hello! Really brief dispatch this time as my duty to report the crucial information below had me throwing this together rather quickly. Between family and work, my free time seems to consistently diminish. When I do find some I’ve preferred drawing or making beats to doing anything else. 36CF will continue, however sporadically. Thanks for tuning in. 2 stoages, Dan Lactose

Agents of Satan The Final Set LP (625/Rescued From Life/Carnalismo)
Bassgaper 3 CD (Funeria)
Brandon B Expensive Habit CD (Gurp City Digital)
Diamond Lung Jeweler’s Loop cassette
Eddou XL SP Gillespie cassette
HenchmenA Nightmare of World Carnage cassette (Carnalismo)
Mundo cassette (Carnalismo)
Snake Mountain Crew s/t 2xCass (Megakut/I Had An Accident)
Spazz Represses of all 3 LPS (625)
These Bastards San Francisco 2050 (feat. Frank Ripple) flexi
These Bastards / Sick Burn split 7″

To purchase Carnalismo Records releases: email your name and address to carnalismo_records650@yahoo.com. Empty People LP and Jailed tape are in the works.
CBLS is a new project that includes Dan Leech, younger brother of Dave Leech aka the Leech you love to love.
That Ship Has Sailed made a well done video for their Covid cover of “White Line Fever”.
Grand Invincible’s “The Result” album will be released on vinyl and cassette by Iron Lung Records at some point in the near future.
Cassettes of all 3 Spazz albums to be released by Tankcrimes soon.

Kurlee Daddee Productions Mix of West Bay Randomness Vol 2

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