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When I was a young buck in 1984, I was a B-Boy looking for music to break to. At the time we were using mainstream stuff like Atlantic Star, Run DMC and Michael Jackson stuff to breakdance to. I used to search around on the radio looking for other songs that could get the circle hyped. And then I stumbled upon 90.1 KZSU Stanford. My man Kevvy Kev Cool Breeze was there spinning the early early jams. At the time and being a young kid, I didn’t understand that he had a radio show on Sunday nights from 6-9pm, so I would randomly find the show, get all excited, and tape it. It wasn’t until the starting of the 90’s that I started tuning in every Sunday night for the Drum Show.

It was Kevvy Kev who taught us all in the Bay Area how to appreciate REAL hip-hop music. In the early 90’s, most of it came from the East Coast, but it was ruff and grimmy and I loved it. I used to tape every single show. Going through at least 3 audio tapes every Sunday. I would bring these tapes to work on my dual tape boom box and mark down what each song or freestyle was on each tape. Then sit there at my workbench while I was working and edit the tapes to make my own. I did this, seriously for at least 6 years.

Quite a few friends and I would sit in my parents garage every Sunday night drinking and smoking dank and listen to the DRUM show. We would call up and make requests every hour or every few minutes sometimes, really wanting to be part of the show. Kev would have contests over the air and I had my phone on speed dial, calling in. One quote from Kev that I have on tape and I will post is “Kurlee, you have won too many prizes. Do not call.” LOL!!! To us, The Redwood City Dank Daddee Krew, it made us feel like we were there in the studio with Kev and Kutmaster Kurt helping out with the show. It was awesome.

I have a collection of Freestyle tapes that I have had sitting in my closet for a really long time. I have a lot of great sound footage I will be sharing with you all. No sense in keeping all this great footage on audio tape so that no one can hear it.

I just wanted to thank Kevvy Kev, Kutmaster Kurt, Dopestyle and Mike Nice for playing the REAL Hip-Hop we all wanted to hear, answering the request lines, and actually gettin our voices over the phone onto the air. Kev you helped our musical tastes grow by playing the Real Shit. And I thank you. The DRUM show is the greatest underground Hip-Hop show in the world. Hands down. And its in the West Bay. 650. So check out Kevvy Kev and his show every Sunday night on 90.1FM KZSU Stanford. The Drum Son!!!!

Kurlee Daddee
Redwood City Dank Daddee Krew

P.S. Yes Kev knows who I am. Here he is giving me props and making me the Official Drum Archivist

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