Sabbath – A Perfect Day For A GrindCore-Powerviolence Mix – 2022 – KDP

Tracklist: Agents of Satan – Shredded ClitSea of Shit – Distorted ImageExcruciating Terror – In ControlCave State – Fossilzed MachineGets Worse – Tunnel of GoatShank – Planet Sized SamSix Brew Bantha – Frontal Lobe DamageWater Torture – Alone AlwaysUnruh – In the last half hourAbuse – BloodlustHaemorage – InceratorHummingbird of Continue Reading


All words quoted from this GRIMACE RECORDS website: “ Discontent  With a blistering thrash style reminiscent of 1980’s Southern Cali bands with wailing guitars, Discontent burns through their topics with sheer abandon, with just a bit of dark artful ambience tossed here and there (think early TSOL guitar tones), Continue Reading