Kurlee Daddee Productions Presents…….Trapped In California In 2023

Track list:

Kurlee Daddee Productions X Frank Marchi – Garlic Nod
The Final Boss aka Mr. Mumblz – Snake Eyes feat. Daniel Son (Bonus Track)
Roughneck Jihad & Senz Beats – Fucking Piano
Shaykh Hanif & MichaelAngelo – Son Of Sam Law
Eddie Kaine & Finn – Watch Me Work feat. Ty Da Dale – Watch Me Work feat. Ty Da Dale
Mick Jenkins – Show & Tell feat. Freddie Gibbs
Pro Dillinger & Snotty – Line In The Sand
Rome Streetz – Procall (Prod. By Evidence)
Stranger Danger & Mr. Mumblz – The Human Fly TwinZ feat. Big Judas
DJ Muggs – Shell Casings (Feat. T.F)
Sha Hef – Gildan Pt. 2 (Feat. Rome Streetz)
Royal Flush & Sean Price – Street Chemistry (Feat. Grafh) (Prod. By Little Vic)
Black Josh x Wino Willy – E R M8 feat. Lee Scott & Sonnyjim
Him Lo x Giallo Point as Cognac Kingz – Cream Filas N Valour Sweatz feat. Clever 1
Lukah – A Colored Night (Prod. By Lukah)
Rim – Stone Ave
Estee Nack x Mike Shabb – Horacio feat. Rome Streetz
Him Lo x Giallo Point as Cognac Kingz – Stan Smith
Swab – The Manual feat. Josiah The Gift & GeneralBackPain
Eto & BodyBagBen – A Hundred Grams
Jus-P & BodyBagBen – Penitentiary Chances
Stranger Danger & Mr. Mumblz – Lord Of The Flys

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