1628 Factor – Time to Build – Side Two

With the BLESSING from the Almighty Jster, I present to you 1628 Factor – Time to Build – Side Two

13. Rented Records – Side B Intro – Jster Prod. 14.Razor Sharp – Feat. Rundown – Jster Prod. 15.Slappin’ Competition – Feat. Jster, PenzOne, Rundown – Jster Prod. 16.Pain In The House – Interlude – Jster Prod. 17.Knuckle Heads – Feat. Rundown – Jster Prod. 18.E- Maxed Out – Interlude – Jster Prod. 19.When I Drop It – Feat. Spectacular, Rundown – Jster Prod. 20.Listen Very Closely – Feat. Brewmasta, Rundown, Juankanobe (RIP) – Jster Prod. 21.Learn To Write – Feat. Spectacular – Jster. Prod. 22.Down Goes Another Rapper – Interlude – Jster Prod. 23.Redwood Is Where It Takes Place – Feat. Juankanobe (RIP), PenzOne – Spectacular: Beat / Jster: Scratches 24.The Dukes….(Origin Of Species) – Outro – Jster Prod.

And if you like this, go buy it here: https://25notedope.bandcamp.com/album/time-to-build

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