Feel the Wrath Podcast – Episode Seven with Frank Ripple of Agents of Satan – Part 1


Welcome to Feel The Wrath. This is Episode Six where I talk with my Paisan Brother Super O.G. Frank Ripple.

He talks about growing up in Foster City, the history of his evolution in music, skating, guitar playing and meeting all the West Bay heads bay in the day. He gives a detailed story of West Bay history with a vision from outside Redwood City which helps building this West Bay Family Tree. And has a bunch of stories to share like always.

If you didn’t know or were lost inside a tunnel for the last 5 years, Frank and I do a podcast called the Kurlee and Franko podcast. If you haven’t heard any of it go check it out here: https://soundcloud.com/kurleedaddeeproductions

I want to thank Frank for his time and being on this podcast. He and I haven’t kicked it in almost 6 months due to our busy schedules. As you can tell when we get together the conversation never ends. I appreciate this dude immensely.

Also go check out his many projects here:

Sit back, crack one and enjoy this episode. There are many more lined up. So hit the like button and SUBSCRIBE. And stay tuned for Part 2 of this podcast, which is another HOUR long. Peace!!!

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