Feel The Wrath – Episode Six featuring Redwood City O.G. J-Ster of 1628 Factor

Welcome to Feel The Wrath. This is Episode Six where I talk with my LONG TIME homeboy J-Ster.. He is an elite Hip-Hop Producer and graffiti artist from the West Side of Redwood City.

He talks about growing up in Redwood City, his inspiration in his musical influences through hardcore/punk, his evolution as a Hip-Hop producer and 1628 Factor, his journey through graffiti, and some Stinkweed stories as well.

I want to thank J-ster for his time. We have been trying to put this podcast together for a few months but we are both old ass family men with too many responsibilities.

You can visit his Bandcamp page here for all of his musical projects : https://25notedope.bandcamp.com/album/not-4-the-money-the-low-cash-chapter

Sit back, crack one and enjoy this episode. There are many more lined up. So hit the like button and SUBSCRIBE.

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