Feel the Wrath – Episode Five with Billy Ganley of Plutocracy and Valdur

Welcome to Feel The Wrath. This is Episode Five where I talk with my LONG TIME homeboy Billy Ganley. He is the brother of Pat Ganley who played guitar in Immortal Fate, was the third bassist of Plutocracy (after Mike Long and Chris V.), and later helped for the Black Metal band Valdur out of Mammoth Mountain.

He talks about growing up on the West Side of Redwood City, his earliest influences of music and playing bass. We also talk about some fond memories of the infamous Dank Daddy garage on Avenue Del Ora and the Sandstones on Skyline in the Woodside Hills of RWC.

And of course, he also comes with his Top 5 albums of all time. Its always fun talking with Billy. Every time we talk memories from the past come up. These type of conversations I never want to end.

Please sit back and enjoy this one. And please SUBSCRIBE. And go check out my website KurleeDaddee.com for more videos and content. Many more of the West Bay Family Tree are coming soon.

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