Feel the Wrath Episode Four feating Leif Hill of Discontent

Welcome to Feel The Wrath. This is Episode Four where I talk with my LONG TIME homeboy Leif Hill. He was in the Super O.G. Redwood City Hardcore/Punk band Discontent. Discontent was one the original Hardcore/Punk bands in RWC that started the West Bay hardcore scene.

He talks about growing in up Reno and Redwood City. Goes through his history of bands (Discontent, Father Mocker, Valota) and his guitar playing. And his evolution in Jiu-Jitsu that eventually received his Black Belt in.

He also shares some stories of Chris V. And goes over his Top 5 Albums of all time. I always enjoy talking to Leif. He would be the guy at the party that you could stand there for hours talking about whatever subject and laughing the whole time.

Sit back, crack one and enjoy this episode. There are many more lined up. So hit the like button and SUBSCRIBE.

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