Feel The Wrath – Episode One with Jesse Simmers – 1st Vocalist of PLUTOCRACY – 2021


Welcome to Feel The Wrath. A new Podcast venture I’m doing interviewing friends, family and people I admire. And an excuse for me to talk to people I haven’t had a conversation with in YEARS. Also a way to promote what they or their family members are working on or doing. I have a whole list of people that have agreed to be on this so SUBSCRIBE to this channel PLEASE to keep updated every time I post a new episode.

This is Episode One. I talk with my LONG TIME homie Jesse Simmers. He was the FIRST vocalist for the band PLUTOCRACY and goes over the very early history of the band and its creation. A few memories about our BROTHER Kindred McCune AKA Stinkweed. He also speaks about his daughter Caitlyn, who is a PRODIGY professional surfer at the age of 15.

This was A LOT of fun to do. I love being able to talk with BROTHER’S like Jesse and go over memories from the past. This is the type of call I never wanted to end. But my current software I am using (ZOOM) only allows me 40 minute sessions at a time. (If anyone knows of a better software to use for these type of podcasts please let me know.) Enjoy this episode. There are MANY more to come. I can’t wait.

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