Waste Management Radio – Episode 43 To Live A Lie Special

Special To Live A Lie episode this week. You know em, you love em, go support em. Nuff said, here we go.


1. Slund- Sabotage
2. No Comply- Quarantine The Ugly
3. No Comply- Monopoly II aka What’s Up Now Pt 2
4. No Comply- Extend Your Arm For The Fix
5. No Comply- Jesus Whore
6. Antichrist Demoncore- Eye In The Sky
7. Antichrist Demoncore- Crux
8. Magnum Force- Giving Up
9. Sex Prisoner- Crossfaded
10. Sex Prisoner- Whatever You Say
11. Backslider- Failed Attempts At Empathy
12. Backslider- Predictable Epitaph
13. Burnout- Liars Dice
14. Impulse- Alone
15. Get Destroyed- Purge
16. Mind As Prison- Discouragement Appearing Early
17. Disciples Of Christ- Father
18. Goolagoon- Suds
19. Needle- Inter Dimensional Game Of Suffering
20. Pig City- Wealth Management
21. Sick/Tired- Sick/Tired
22. Sidetracked- Dog Eat Dog
23. Sidetracked- Severed
24. Chestpain- Culturized
25. Total Fucking Destruction- Kill For A Cigarette
26. xBrainiax- The Audacity Of Hope
27. xBrainiax- Fuck The Swindlers
28. xBrainiax- Clandestine Operation
29. xBrainiax- Our Thing
30. Holders Scar- Sin Without Doubt
31. Fluoride- Thought Reform
32. Crom- Thoggrimms’s Lament
33. Concussive- Confident
34. Concussive- Deceptive Gods
35. Concussive- Mangled
36. Concussive- Solutions Of Peace
37. Concussive- Isolationist
38. Concussive- Pull The Plug
39. Concussive- Zest In Peace
40. Beartrap- Weightless
41. Beartrap- Ascend
42. Beartrap- Demon
43. Beartrap- Kneel
44. Beartrap- Cross Me
45. Hummingbird Of Death- Endless Dumber
46. Hummingbird Of Death- Drug Cartels
47. Hummingbird Of Death- Inherently Terrible
48. Hummingbird Of Death- Human Train Wreck
49. Hummingbird Of Death-You Had Better Enjoy Treating People Like Shit While You Can
50. Hummingbird Of Death- Losser
51. Hummingbird Of Death- A Touch Too Much
52. Hummingbird Of Death-You Had Better Enjoy Treating People Like Shit While You Can (Reprise)
53. Hummingbird Of Death- Aquire Knowledge
54. Hummingbird Of Death- Endless Vertigo
55. Sissy Spacek- Minor Damage
56. Slund- How Do You Expect The Government Without Alexa
57. Party By The Slice- Text Text Text Text Text Die!
58. Malparido- Blood In
59. Malparido- Fronerizo
60. Malparido- Dinero
61. Gods America- Dawn Patrol
62. Buggy- Here To Stay

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