Waste Management Radio – Episode 41


Homies out in Long Island got a new Episode.

Episode 41

Lot’s of great gahbage on this one. From Nems to Poison Idea to They Live to Warzone and Eric B And Rakim. C’mon son, hit play and share it with your friends.

1. Nems- Gahbage
2. Failure- Cattle Wagon
3. Failure- Authority Remains
4. Failure- Misanthropic Youth
5. No Tolerance- No Remorse, No Tolerance
6. No Tolerance- Empty Words
7. Insted- One World
8. Das Oath- Kurt Starts (Somew)here
9. Das Oath- Great News From The South Pole
10. Poison Idea- Ugly American
11. NYC Mayhem- Mayhemic Destruction
12. NYC Mayhem- Adrenalin
13. Wvrm- Swollen Bellies
14. Wvrm- Bag Of Blades
15. Adrenaline OD- Middleaged Whore
16. They Live- Pull Your Card
17. They Live- Cunsult
18. Vorhees- Possessed To Skate
19. Devoid Of Faith- Defective Chain
20. The Repos- Lost Path
21. The Repos- Motel Caledonia
22. The Repos- No Plans
23. Civilized- Civilized
24. Civilized- The Truth
25. Hard Stance- Torn Apart
26. Warzone- Growing Up, The Next Step
27. Hard Ons- Squat House
28. Leeway- Defy You
29. Half Off- I Can’t Give Up
30. Half Off- Who Writes Your Rules?
31. Eric B And Rakim- I Know You Got Soul

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