HARD FOUL – 7″ EP – 2020

HARD FOUL – 7″ SPLIT EP – 2020


1. Revolution is Imminent

2. And One

3. Beer Snob

4. King is Queen / Not on My Watch

All songs available on Bandcamp on 625 Records. Other songs of this split EP also availabel on Bandcamp. Link below : https://625thrash.bandcamp.com/album/…

Drums: Cris , Bass: Frank, Guitar: Dan, Vocals: Kurlee

“The members of these two bands span all generations of the West Bay Koalition – from MORBID LIFE SOCIETY, PLUTOCRACY and SHED DWELLAZ to AGENTS OF SATAN, SLOBBER and SPAZZ. Both bands build from this history to play straight forward, beer drenched, fast pissed off hardcore punk. Three rippers from THESE BASTARDS and five from HARD FOUL. Vinyl pressed October 2020, limited to 400 copies on black vinyl. Ps. The THESE BASTARDS tracks are available for FREE download on their Bandcamp Site!”

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