CZU Complex Lightning Fire Destroyed My Family’s Home

I normally don’t do this, and I am not the person to ask for help. But please read below. This is urgent.

My Aunt and Uncle (Tim and Connie Morgan) have lived in Boulder Creek, CA for more than 30+ years. 
They have raised two beautiful daughters and their grandkids there. I had spent many many Summer's and Holidays at this house. 
Many fond memories of being up in the woods and being in nature come to mind.

During the month of August 2020, the CZU Complex Lightning Fire was started by a very rare lightning storm in the area. 
This lightning storm caused quite a few fires that are still burning. This isn't the first fire up near this home, 
but this one they were evacuated very quickly from the home and got out with very little of their possessions. 

My Aunt and Uncle were able to get a Hotel not far away and wait out the fire. 
A few days later they were informed of terrible news that their house and all their belongings were destroyed in the fire. 
They lost everything! 

My Cousins were also forced to leave the area and stay in Hotels or with other family. 

I would like to ask for a donation of any sort if you can. $1. $5. $10.
It will never bring back that home we had so many memories in, but it could help them pay for part of their 
expenses when they were evacuated.



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