Kurlee’s Hip-Hop Reverse Expendables Mix 2020 Vol. 1

Talking with Brewmasta last night on Spexxx IG mix, he mentioned an idea of an Expendables (The Movie) type mix, but playing early tracks of Hip-Hop legends. Some that people may never heard or known. Here’s what I put together for volume 1. I got enough tracks for Volume 2 later. I want you to guess each Legend from each song first. Have fun.


Tracklist up. How did you do?


Spectrum City – Lies ( CHUCK D)
C.I.A. – Jus 4 The Cash
Geto Boys – Making Trouble
Big Daddy Kane – Raw (Original Version) (feat. Kool G Rap)
Eric B and Rakim. – Eric B. For President
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff
EPMD – Hardcore
Art Of Origin – Into The Pit
Main Source – Live At The Barbeque
Lord Finesse – Yes You May – (remix)
Leaders of the New School – Sound of the Zeekers
Company Flow – Collude-Intrude

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