Birdman Force To Apologize to Wendy Day at Gunpoint

Freddie Foxxx BABY!!!

The stories and rumors of Cash Money not paying employees, partners, and contractors has been associated with the label for years. The company’s head Bryan “Birdman” Williams has been hit with lawsuits from producers to construction liens in order to receive payments the respective parties claim they are owed. One former business associate of YMCMB was involved in a different method of expressing displeasure of not being paid by Birdman.

Rap Coalition founder Wendy Day helped broker some of the biggest distribution deals in Hip Hop history including the unprecedented $30 million deal between Cash Money Records and Universal. But when Day was not properly compensated for her efforts in helping the label, one of her friends took it upon himself to make Birdman offer an apology.

Day spoke with Nah Right about her dealings with Cash Money. During the interview she discussed how New York rapper Freddie Foxxx ran up on Birdman with a weapon.

“At one point, one of my artist friends bumped into Birdman and put a gun to his head and made him call and apologize to me, which he did,” said Day. “[Birdman] called me up and said ‘oh, your friend just pulled me out of Hot 97 and I’m here on the street, on my knees and I want to apologize to you.’ I really didn’t care about the apology. I wanted to know, why would somebody s**t on someone that changed their life for the better?”

Day later stated that Foxxx had spoken about the incident before, so she did not feel as if she was incriminating him. Plus, in her view, it had been over seven years, so the statute of limitations for a criminal investigation had passed. She also revealed that Birdman apparently told her that she would need to file a lawsuit against him in order for her to get the money she was due.

“He said to me, ‘Sue me, when I have to pay you, you’ll get paid.’ He said it very nonchalantly and very matter-of-factly, and as time wore on I saw that he didn’t pay anybody,” added Day. “He didn’t pay the t-shirt manufacturers, he didn’t pay the Fruit of Islam for security, he didn’t pay security guards for security, he didn’t pay his staff, he didn’t pay his office rent. They didn’t pay anybody.”


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