Hibagọn – VS Monsters Spewed from Time’s Stomach

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From Heavy Planet: BAND BIO: Starting in early 2011, Hibagọn has taken shape from late-night improvised jam sessions. The band decided to remain a two-piece act to focus on the most powerful sounding impact they could get with the simplicity of two instruments: no singers and no bass, keyboards or whatever players have been mistreated. “First off I must start by saying that for a band that is so minimalistic they sure have a penchant for long album titles as indicated on their most current release. One in which they probably won the longest album title award for last year. This domineering 7-song album by Italian 2-piece Hibagon may go down as one of the most insane and unique bands you will probably hear. The impact from this “band” is extremely powerful as the band places it’s sole focus on creating the most thundering and raucous sounds they can emit from their two instruments: drums and guitar. Dabbling in everything from crushing metal to progressive psychedelic funkouts, Hibigon keeps you guessing as to what is lurking on the next song. Truly an aural delight, one of which I think I will have to hit repeat. Download their 2011 release “Monsters Spewed from Time’s Stomach to Clutch the Universe in a Mortal Slime” for free on their Bandcamp page.”

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