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One of my homeboy’s has started his own apparel company with a martial arts and Hip-Hop style. Check out the descriptions and the designs. Click on the link to find more info. p.s. BUY HIS SHIT! IT’S DOPE!!!! Follow THIS link

Beta Advancement Sect (BASe) is an apparel company based out of the Silicon Valley, which fosters the belief in continuous development testing to achieve and maintain greatness…UPGRADE. We believe that we will never be a finished product, that we are constantly testing our abilities and pushing our limits for advancement. We take pride not only in our achievements, but the paths we took to get there and hope to reflect this message through our clothing line and ultimately, our lifestyles. Our vision is to incorporate elements of technology, music, martial arts and athletics into our clothing line to promote the BASe beliefs. Enjoy and thank you for your support.

Our Rocketship logo is a symbol of continuous upward movement, technology, and imagination. It is our vehicle of choice in reaching our goals…space is the limit. Shirt Designs:

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